The golden New Years


If you’re anything like me you’re starting to freak out about not knowing what to wear for New Years. Or what to do. Or eat. Or drink. Basically, you’re in the dark about everything.Thank God for Michael Kors and his inspiring creations. Not that I could afford to actually buy it but you know… Inspiration and stuff is almost as good as the real deal. Or whatever.


All I want for Christmas is you… Right, get me a diamond necklace or something.


– New Years dress from Matthew Williamson.
– Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants”.
– Tights with little hearts on.
– Cups/plates set from Filippa K.
– Michael Kors brown leather watch.
– MAC lipstick “Nude”.

Ps: Wouldn’t say no to the little grumpy cat either… I adore that angry thing.