Trend Forecasts 2013 – beauty edition


Here’s to being to tired that you write addiction instead of addition… Anywho, quick entry about my not-so-favorite-subject: Makeup. I don’t like makeup. I don’t know how to apply makeup and I think I look like a clown in red lipstick while my friends look like Goddesses of Beauty. But as a modern girl, you can’t really live without makeup either, so here is what I’m going with this spring.

  • Dark eye shades. Not black, more chocolate brown to camel and all that’s in between.
  • Nude lipstick. Still searching for the perfect one.
  • Coral nails when the sun pops out and the skin on my hands starts to move to a more pleasing color than the Edward Cullen-white it is now.
  • Rose pink blush cheeks.

Those are my two cents! Now it’s time for some well-needed SLEEP because this weekend has not exactly been overflown with that.