Trend Forecasts 2013 – beauty edition


Here’s to being to tired that you write addiction instead of addition… Anywho, quick entry about my not-so-favorite-subject: Makeup. I don’t like makeup. I don’t know how to apply makeup and I think I look like a clown in red lipstick while my friends look like Goddesses of Beauty. But as a modern girl, you can’t really live without makeup either, so here is what I’m going with this spring.

  • Dark eye shades. Not black, more chocolate brown to camel and all that’s in between.
  • Nude lipstick. Still searching for the perfect one.
  • Coral nails when the sun pops out and the skin on my hands starts to move to a more pleasing color than the Edward Cullen-white it is now.
  • Rose pink blush cheeks.

Those are my two cents! Now it’s time for some well-needed SLEEP because this weekend has not exactly been overflown with that.

Golden Globes 2013 – Inspiration

Above is an inspirational little piece I put together from my favorite assembles from the Golden Globes last week. Absolute favorites were Jessica Alba’s Oscar de la Renta and Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. But the deeper meaning about this creation is: accessorize accessorize accessorize! And there you have it. Now my energy is all put into hoping that Les Mis will win big time at the Oscars too. Ciao!

How to style those christmas gifts for upcoming springtime


The beige cardigan in this board was a christmas gift from my mom. It’s made out of alpaca wool and comes from Swedish designer Filippa K. This spring, I will style it to be worn more as a jacket as opposed to a cardigan, and match it with items similar to the above. The wide 70s pants are from Stella McCartney, the bag Marc by Marc Jacobs (that one I already got. Wohoo almost there!), the shoes are Jimmy Choo and the silver/gold rings are from H&M. To be matched with dark red on both lips and nails. Never liked those pastel bright colors anyway. Rawr.

The golden New Years


If you’re anything like me you’re starting to freak out about not knowing what to wear for New Years. Or what to do. Or eat. Or drink. Basically, you’re in the dark about everything.Thank God for Michael Kors and his inspiring creations. Not that I could afford to actually buy it but you know… Inspiration and stuff is almost as good as the real deal. Or whatever.

All I want for Christmas is you… Right, get me a diamond necklace or something.


– New Years dress from Matthew Williamson.
– Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants”.
– Tights with little hearts on.
– Cups/plates set from Filippa K.
– Michael Kors brown leather watch.
– MAC lipstick “Nude”.

Ps: Wouldn’t say no to the little grumpy cat either… I adore that angry thing.

Miranda Kerr and her Bambi bag

Saw this photo of Miranda Kerr on a board on Pinterest (I AM such a Pinterest slut, taking everything from everyone) and I loved the simplicity of her outfit. That generated an equally simple but visually nice for the eyes little design. I would take the hat, the little jean jacket and the doe bag (!!!). Let’s ignore the fact that the bag is probably made out of Bambi’s mother and just stare at it in awe for a while.

Kristen Stewart’s ass is showing

OK, so I just came over these pictures and had to display them to you. It’s Kristen Stewart at Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere, wearing an incredible Zuhair Murad creation. I’m seriously in love with it. I don’t care for Stewart or her vampire boyfriend or the shitty movies but THAT DRESS. Humma. I love partial nudity (look at that, made me sound like a perv and prude in the same sentence), and if I were half as bold I would cut up all my dresses like that. Gorgeous.

In other news I have a big exam coming up so don’t really have time for you guys at the moment. It’s time to study until my eyes are square and listen to ridiculous amounts of José Gonzalez (my study-mood music). Won’t take anything less than acing that exam for an answer. Ciao! //Mini

Because you’re mine, I walk the line

Look at that, my Johnny Cash playlist inspired me to do a little collage. Well, him and the gorgeous dress from Miu Miu. I would NOT mind wearing that to the birthday dinner I’m going to tonight if anyone wants to give me an early christmas present… Just saying. The heels are an old pair of mine and the raspberry red clutch is from my friend’s Swedish webshop, NotMe.