Hello blogosphere!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my little zone on the internet. This blog will contain a mix of my two biggest passions: fashion and graphic design. I like kittens too, but I feel there’s enough of those on the internet already.

So what can you expect from this blog? Well…fashion and graphic design. I will mix the entries with my personal style, inspiration, street style, news from our beloved world of fashion and my opinion on most. Everything within a beautiful mix of my own graphic creations. I am by no means a pro at Photoshop, but I am constantly seeking to challenge and improve myself, and hopefully my creation curve will rise as this blog proceeds!

So who am I, this mysterious little dot behind this whole blog? Well, my complete identity wont be revealed, at least not for now. (Okay, I see now how dorky that looks. Like “who does she think she is??”). I can tell you this much that I currently live in Barcelona, where I occupy my time studying communication. My favorite person in the world is my little sister. (Though which one of them varies). I have seen Forrest Gump I think probably about 40 times. I have a kitten (whoops, we weren’t supposed to talk about cats). My secret talent is that I’m an excellent water skier. And if I couldn’t study communication I would probably want to go to culinary school.

The name Miniature Dot is a real nickname I was assigned a few years ago. I graduated high school and took a summer job working as a waitress in the small archipelago village where my grandfather grew up. Now he and his big brother both have distinguishing freckles on their faces. My grandfathers had slightly less of them, which is why he got the nickname from the locals “Little Dot”, whereas his brother naturally was called “Big Dot”. And then I came along, some 60 years later, and the locals got mad with excitement when they heard which legends I was related to. After that it didn’t take long for them to pronounce me “Miniature Dot”, despite of lack of freckles.

This is probably the longest introduction I have ever made and my Art of Presentation teacher from last year would probably kill me if she knew (“Keep it short and effective!”) so I’ll leave you here for now. But worry not! I will be back soon. Xoxo.

Yep this is me! Hi!

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